Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I set up the Guideposts

Over the course of my writing, I've gathered a huge list of internet sites and books used in creating the worlds -- real and imagined -- where my stories have been placed.
The posts here will be set up as either brief anecdotes with links to supporting resources and/or bibliographical material used for each work.
Some research overlaps several stories and in those instances all the works will be listed.
This is an ongoing project and one that will take time.
However I have found out that it is necessary to display to those interested, that research, whether for an imaginary place and time or an actual setting and historical period, is part of the work conducted for each of my stories.

I hope that visitors may learn a little more about the characters and the worlds I've created in my stories and that it will encourage them to set off on journeys of their own.


  1. Jeanne, I think this is such a fabulous idea, I just may steal it from you! (I promise to come up with my own title, though.) Can't wait to see what you put up. :-)

  2. Thanks, KZ
    I realized that I really started heavy duty researching with "The Crystal Flacon" and the life and world of Lucrezia Borgia.